1/64 Custom Outlaw Peterbilt Semi Show Truck

Outlaw 1/64 Custom Show Truck

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    13 Responses to “1/64 Custom Outlaw Peterbilt Semi Show Truck”

    1. hicktown13 Says:

      how much would i cost to get a truck built like this?

    2. hcminis Says:

      Sorry, that truck isn’t for sale. Would cost tooo much to build again.

    3. snowandskate69 Says:

      u should angle the visor a bit..well thats what i think

    4. gdl7922 Says:

      congratulations it’s just awesome

    5. BrodyFarmBoy Says:

      only two words describes this truck……….EPICLY AWESOME

    6. 666darkprayer Says:

      Build me one!! Please

    7. hcminis Says:

      Thank You.

    8. hcminis Says:

      NO WAY! This is the only one I will ever build with the butterfly hood. Pain in the butt

    9. crazeguy26 Says:

      wow :o

    10. dustinwalls1 Says:

      How much for a truck like that?

    11. steve7112004 Says:

      Looks very nice. I would have made the rear fenders lower put a different visor on her and made the pipes taller.

    12. hcminis Says:

      Send me some pictures of your truck when it is done. This is how I wanted mine. Thanks for the comment

    13. page Says:


      Classic Custom Trucks – 1/64 Custom Outlaw Peterbilt Semi Show Truck…

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