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    25 Responses to “1/64 Custom Trucks etc.”

    1. skipflippy Says:

      where can I get the truck at 0:36?

    2. hcminis Says:

      The Mayflower truck is still for sale. Currently asking $250.00

    3. 1964nova35 Says:

      how much is the truck at 1:05 can i buy that

    4. SuperFordman13 Says:

      dude how do u make thows i mean i got some like that but yours are sweet… The bigest questino is where do u get your parts?

    5. 79GMCVANDURA Says:

      can i buy the red gmc at 1:32?

    6. dustinwalls1 Says:

      How much for the trucks at 0:55 and 1:22???

    7. TySmithFarms1 Says:

      how much for the truck on 0:18

    8. skipflippy Says:

      @hcminis How much for the truck at 3:42?

    9. muddmut Says:

      how much is a gooseneck

    10. preston2995 Says:

      at 1:27 what truck is that black on in the laft corner with the flatbed?

    11. hcminis Says:

      That is a navy blue Dodge that Ertl did several years back. The flat bed was added by myself.

    12. hcminis Says:

      Depends on which one and what color. email me direct at dewayne@hcmtoys.com

    13. hcminis Says:

      That truck with all three trailers sold for $100.00 Can make another set if needed

    14. hcminis Says:

      That truck isn’t for sale

    15. hcminis Says:

      sorry, that one sold already.

    16. hcminis Says:

      You can buy most any parts from me. dewayne@hcmtoys.com

    17. hcminis Says:

      Sorry, that truck is not for sale. Can’t get the silver Dodge any more.

    18. hcminis Says:

      Both trucks are sold. The black Dodge would be $45.00 if I could get the tires/wheels again. The Project 350 would be $250.00 if I were to build another one

    19. preston2995 Says:

      @hcminis how much for just the car hauler fifth wheel with the hitch for a cxt?

    20. lilcheif1133 Says:

      where did u get that truck at 2:51?

    21. hcminis Says:

      made it. Sold for $250.00 for everything you see.

    22. hcminis Says:


    23. lilcheif1133 Says:

      @hcminis Do u make like fire trucks? like L.A County has tractor trailers with dozers on them?

    24. ARMYGUY20101 Says:

      are they all RC

    25. mtdew108 Says:

      @hcminis how much would it be for the cxt @ 2:32

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