1950 LJ Mack & Strick truck tractor trailer Cummins part 2

Here’s more video on the LJ Mack with 22o Cummins and 10 speed, Classic truck and trailer rig. www.bradsclassictrucks.com

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19 Responses to “1950 LJ Mack & Strick truck tractor trailer Cummins part 2”

  1. seashull Says:

    videos getting better all the time keep makeing more of the classics

  2. Bally3x4 Says:

    great noise!

  3. 09adge13 Says:

    thats what i called a diesel engine no turbos or nothing just pure horsepower and torque and they are loud so you know it was coming

  4. Feathercrafter Says:

    Dude that sounds sweet and looks sweet!

  5. Xx69roadrunnerxX Says:

    I would have love to see that going over the rocky mtns. in its day(and now)!!!

  6. stoopbert Says:

    man awsome sound! can u still find them for sale in the US?

  7. hhrtwo Says:

    Sounds like you’re overwinding a 220 cummins…2100 RPM’S should be tops

  8. classicpower07 Says:

    Since thats our truck that we have had for years,,,I’m glad you know how to drive it better. Hey,I know who you are…You are the guy who sends text messages while driving your mini van.Riiiiggghht?? Come on now,tell the truth…

  9. classicpower07 Says:

    Actually,we probably are overwinding it a little,but people really want to hear that ole back drop manifold here on Youtube! I hear you everyone,keep makin those requests,we’ll get to them.

  10. peterbiltexd Says:

    cant beat them ole FATJACKS

  11. rich17279 Says:

    Can someone tell me why that trucks sounds like that? is it 2 stroke? that why? or no Silencer on the Exhaust? or v8?

  12. classic0123456789 Says:

    Thats funny Hahaha!!!

  13. seashull Says:

    straight exhaust on 220 cummins

  14. hudson501 Says:

    Nice looking and sounding Mack LJ. Did it originally come with a Cummins engine?

  15. CountVonBoco Says:

    Awesome truck. Love that sound. Thanks for overwinding it, makes it even better, Those straight pipes, and Speed shifting are just so awesome. Thanks for posting.
    Unrelated, but whats the song you use in the beginning and end?

  16. bigred42091 Says:

    Love that old cummins sound. Is there a turbo on it? Or is it straight motor?

  17. MegaZsolti Says:

    at what rpm do you shift?

  18. mongo5888 Says:

    Sounds bitchin’ man! LOVE IT! Gotta’ love that growl……..

  19. volker185 Says:

    Great sounding backdrop. How about some more?

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