1966 Chevy C-10 Pickup HotRod Project

Part 1 of a series detailing the progress made on the restoration of 1966 Chevy C-10.

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15 Responses to “1966 Chevy C-10 Pickup HotRod Project”

  1. shelw54 Says:

    It’s amazing what you can do with those old trucks and cars. How much does it cost to restore and fix them?

  2. GetExcellent Says:

    Sweet ride…

  3. zues1990 Says:

    nice truck i gotta 64 were did u get those side chevy emblems from?

  4. wwwfchampion Says:

    a pretty good chunk of change if u do it right

  5. wwwfchampion Says:

    where did u get those rims

  6. ryansiki Says:

    Put on some real rims.

  7. short621 Says:

    yea i really like the plastic shit brings out the detail

  8. barebones660 Says:

    Wheels arent my style. WAY TO BIG. But The paint looks great. Awesome Truck!

  9. NoSweatOffMySack Says:

    agree, wheels suck

  10. RacerDude96 Says:

    i think its almost perfect

  11. chanchan0961 Says:

    nice pickup. i love these pickups. yours looks a little nicer than mine tho lol

  12. JimboMLG Says:

    would love to see more of this truck please!

  13. mezmerizerobi Says:

    C10 chevys are really nice trucks.. this one is cool ..my dad got one since 1972 and he still got it .. it’s part of the family.. all those good memorys

  14. mezmerizerobi Says:

    nice job on the truck.. my dad got a 64.. since 1972…huh really great truck it’s been in the family ever since.. we got some good family memorys with that truck.

  15. mezmerizerobi Says:

    nice truck there 64…

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