1972 GMC Pick Up Truck, big orange and beautiful!

This C1500 is a GMC classic that just arrived. The usual suspects, a 350 V8 and Turbo 350 transmission get this hunk of orange and white General Motors pick up down the road with plenty of power left over to haul stuff in the protected bed. Just haul carefully because this grand old lady has earned her cruising days

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    6 Responses to “1972 GMC Pick Up Truck, big orange and beautiful!”

    1. risendudelm Says:

      dude! that a cheyenne i have one too! with a moddified 350 engine its a muscle truck

    2. bobfe360 Says:

      the song fits the video.

    3. drew976431 Says:

      shit box

    4. podborochynski Says:

      wicked we got like the same thing but reall rusty. check it in my vids

    5. gibguts Says:


    6. Seattlecarnut Says:

      Nice looking truck. It looks almost concourse condition. I’d almost hate to drive it and ruin the finish. I love two tone colours.

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