1991 Ford F 150 Custom 4.9L I6 RWD Automatic?

I was wondering what kind of parts do I look for this truck? On this engine it says EFI but it says F-150 Custom on the side. so what kind of transmission does it have? I can’t find any parts when I look up 1991 F-150 Custom. And is there any other compatiable parts out there that I can put in this truck?

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4 Responses to “1991 Ford F 150 Custom 4.9L I6 RWD Automatic?”

  1. Jason S Says:

    Custom was a trim level (as were XL and XLT Lariat). EFI is electronic fuel injection.

    The pickup probably has an AOD (automatic overdrive) transmission with a 8.8-inch rear end (rear axle).

    What parts do you need/want?

    Most parts for the 1987 through 1991 body style F-series pickups will interchange with the 1991. Depending on the parts, 1987 through 1991 F-250 and F-350 parts will fit the F-150. Additionally, Some parts from the later 1992 through 1997 body style F-Series (1996 for F-150’s) and earlier 1982 through 1986 body style F-series.

    The 4.9L (300 cid) I-6 was an excellent engine. It has 7-main bearings, a direct drive camshaft (no timing chain to worry about) and lots of torque. If cared for, they would last at least 150,000 miles with 200,000 plus miles not uncommon.

  2. SPARKY Says:

    An F150 is an F150. Doesn’t matter if it is a custom or xlt or whaterver for mechanical parts. Most F150 6-cylinder with automatic had an AOD 4speed automatic. If you have a three speed automatic it would most likely be a C6.

  3. ghancock1961 Says:

    It’s a Ford, you should sell it and buy a Chevy! LOL Nah seriously it either has a C6 or an AOD, more than likely an AOD. They don’t make a ton of parts for the I6, but cool thing is you can upgrade to a nice little 5.0 V8 and have a ton of choices as far as parts since the 5.8 and 5.0 parts are for the most part interchangeable.

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