Custom 1976 Chevrolet Cheyenne Start Up, Full Tour, and Sweet Exhaust

Sweet custom truck came in today for detailing, let’s check it out! It has an awesome sounding chevy small block and exhausts

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25 Responses to “Custom 1976 Chevrolet Cheyenne Start Up, Full Tour, and Sweet Exhaust”

  1. silvercobra78 Says:

    nice, love the hood and opening rear window, wish mine had those. I got a 1980 GMC on a 1976 4X4 chevy frame. took two made a good one out of it

  2. blinkster336 Says:

    what cam do you have

  3. Chris7Shuman Says:

    I love how all these dumb people ask the cam size…DID YOU IDIOTS READ THE DESCRIPTION? The truck came in for detailing. Meaning it came in to get cleaned up, He would not know the specs on the truck. Hell he didnt even know that there were two gas tanks “Its got two gas tanks on it, one here one on the other, i believe its two, i know it has two holes on it.”

  4. 6rkidzx Says:

    so true long bed are silly to customize, sure put a 454 in it it will go like hell but same engine in a short bed should beat it do to the weight reduction, and short beds look better

  5. jims72 Says:

    Long beds look so much better.

  6. mudboy59 Says:

    @jims72 i like the look of the stepside chevys myself

  7. br1lyh Says:

    Long beds look nice but short beds look awesome. I have an 84 GMC High Sierra Short Bed with a 454 BB and the original Rallys like this one. This truck would look better with the front chrome bumper.

  8. du24pont70 Says:

    SWEET!!! Personally, I can’t stand long beds, but this is a very clean truck. Not over the top. And the raised white letter tires give it a classic look. Reminds ALOT of my old truck. I had a ‘78 Scottsdale that was a short bed version of this.

  9. Erik0072 Says:

    I had a 72 C10 log bed that some mad scientist had swapped a 455 olds into. had a turbo 400 trans I believe, got about 8-10 mpg. I miss it bad.

  10. Erik0072 Says:

    I had a 72 C10 log bed that some mad scientist had swapped a 455 olds into. had a turbo 400 trans I believe, got about 8-10 mpg. I miss it bad.

  11. billetproofcustoms Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, classy truck. Very well done.
    I have a 75 chevy truck that I will be posting soon.

  12. billetproofcustoms Says:

    Beautiful, very well done!

  13. nightfrog65 Says:

    Nice truck….

  14. mixboy67 Says:

    Nice´╗┐ truck i got a 76 chevy short bed go lk

  15. snipinggod29 Says:

    i have the same exact truck, a 1976 cheyenne with a 2BBL 350ci. yours sounds amazing, i too have the dual “side saddle” tanks, which hold 40gal total. is your exhaust stock? mine has only single out the side (i havent been able to start it up, it’s been at my aunt’s house since i payed for it) if stock sounds like that i wont bother paying for new exhaust.

  16. iridemybycycle Says:

    talk about a wet dream…=]

  17. 420witchdoctor Says:

    Nice truck. Got the same color code on my 1990 c1500.

  18. SpeedRacer942 Says:

    pretty mean sounding cam

  19. Sandeeno007 Says:

    impossible fi get in my country :-(

  20. westtrumpet7 Says:

    are cheyenne trucks any good??? cuz my dad has a 1975 C20 cheyenne long bed regular cab 4 speed stick shift granny gear…..can those pull pretty good? and are they good trucks???? just asking cuz my dad might give it to me..just want some feedback

  21. punnkypo Says:

    @westtrumpet7 jus ask you dad to haul ass down the freeway and there ya go, i think they are better than fords

  22. westtrumpet7 Says:

    FUCK FORD! AND DODGE!!! ur right punnkypo!!! chevy/gmc all the way! need a power cam still!!!

  23. 2013craig Says:

    @westtrumpet7 ya there great they made them pretty good i have 72 chevy k20 and a 86 chevy c20 that im working on the 72 has 4speed and 86 is 3 speed auto but they are real hevy duty trucks

  24. Sharksarecool13 Says:

    Can you get the Chevrolet Cheyenne in the U.S.?

  25. soccer13kid Says:

    @Sharksarecool13 nope

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