Freightliner Classic XL, used heavy duty truck sales

Freightliner Classic XL 2005 Freightliner FLD13264ST Classic XL C15 Caterpillar, 13 Speed Overdrive Transmission, Air Ride Suspension, Air Ride Cab, 22.5 Tires, Aluminum Wheels, 70″ Raised Roof Sleeper Deluxe Interior, Chrome Bumper, Side Extenders, 12000# Front Axle, 40000# Rear Axles, Air Slide 5th Wheel, Dual Air Seats, Cruise Control, Cold Air Conditioner, Sun Visor, Heated Mirrors, Dual Chrome Exhaust with Heat Shield, Dual 150 gallon Polished Aluminum Fuel Tanks, 260″ Wheel Base, 3.55 Ratio, Window Curtain, Fog Lights, Front Tow Hooks, Power Windows, Aluminum Battery Box Cover, Aluminum Tool Box, Call Now to see if we have a truck that is right for you!! 877-263-5665

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13 Responses to “Freightliner Classic XL, used heavy duty truck sales”

  1. paininspain Says:

    Lovely truck, am moving to Canada from europe very soon and good chance will be driving one of these. Much more room than europen trucks, even if we have better or newer gearboxes

  2. americanstylefreak Says:

    from germany??

  3. paininspain Says:

    From England via Spain. Why do you ask? You from Germany?

  4. americanstylefreak Says:

    No, just because there are a lot people emigrating from germany to american .. and to become truckers there.. como esta? gracias for answering

  5. paininspain Says:

    No problem. Germans in Canada I knew there would be a downside!!!! LOL. You drive trucks then?

  6. paininspain Says:

    Don’t take offence about the germans in canada coment was joking. I haven’t a problem with germans, especially as we now beat you at football for a change ha ha ha. Many dutch are in germany as well.

  7. loweredd Says:

    Dual stacks, dual breathers…..ya think? Have you seen a Freightliner without?

    Nice Peterbilt drive rims.

  8. ajksmith Says:

    These are nice trucks but I have to know if the cab smells like filthy trucker ass and stale cigarettes?

  9. mensager1964 Says:

    not all truckers are “smelly” i am a trucker for over 24 year and my cab do not smell,matter of fact my trucker is cleaner than lot of so called homes around those USA fell free to ride with me any time for a great time,but,,, shower first.

  10. mensager1964 Says:

    surely you do not know trucks,,,,, any way do you know why you can not see a peter driver? is because he is ashamed to drive a junk truck

  11. McKanzie Says:

    Yes thats a very nice Freightliner Truck !
    BTW i am a German who wish to Drive a Truck in Canada ! But the first thing i was do with this Freightliner : Change the Engine in to a 12V71 !! Regards from Germany sends Mike

  12. idaman6000 Says:

    hey email me if u have already sold it ok

  13. bmtapout Says:

    nice video and loce the truck and the color of truck

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