Is this a good vert board?

The description says,

"7.5" X 31.25" Birdhouse special complete is built using Birdhouse trucks, Birdhouse Tony Hawk 54mm wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, Allen hardware and Die Cut B Logo grip tape. CCS picks the parts – you save . No Substitutions. If you want a custom complete, go to Build A Complete."

also here is a pic of it

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    4 Responses to “Is this a good vert board?”

    1. V Says:

      No thats a street board either get a board 7.75 by 31.75 or just get a vert skaters deck. Such as Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist ,etc… you might want bigger wheels like 56mm or 58mm becuase they last longer on vert ramps.

    2. r!de Says:

      not really

      Birdhouses aren’t very good but the deck is too small get 7.75 or bigger x 31.5 or bigger
      trucks will be heavy get Independent, Krux, Royal, Venture (highs though for vert)
      wheel size is fine but get like Rictas or Autobahns
      bearings are fine
      hardware is fine
      get black magic grip because the other ones peel off alot (from my experience)
      don’t get risers unless you get low trucks then raise them

      so i would say make a custom complete you still save money and you can have them put it together for you

    3. DisContent Says:

      Well the board should be about a 7.75 to a 7.8 for vert and also bird house’s suck.

    4. micheal p Says:

      a board is a board thier are no rules that makes a board used for street or vert the only difrence when it comes to vert decks are some like thier deck a little wider when it comes to riding vert and the wheels are a little bigger is the only thing when it comes to a so-called vert board..

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