kenworth w900a extended hood classic

Caught this truck outside Vernon Truck Wash .Clean looking had texas square bumper dual vortox air cleaners dual 6″ stacks check out the dual spot lights drop visor nice looking rig. Real nice kenworth orange original vit 60″ sleeper w900a extended hood with 3408 cat 8 bag air ride from Texas.Hooked to a Utility spread axle reefer.View, rate and comment. Thanks for watching.

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    26 Responses to “kenworth w900a extended hood classic”

    1. rezst88 Says:

      5-6-09 just saw this same truck on truckpaper for sale NICE TRUCK 2 stick too.

    2. poorboy126 Says:

      A model was made up to 87 just fyi. By the looks of the extended hood on this KW I bet it has a air assisted hood and a V8. Very nice truck and great video.

    3. hanks1961kw Says:

      Your right just checked the truckpaper its listed for $55k 3408 cat 9sp main 4 sp brownie. Thanks for the comment I have some friend that have a few of these a model hoods will try to get some more videos.Thanks

    4. hanks1961kw Says:

      You sure the a model went up to 87 I’ve never seen one that new.

    5. rezst88 Says:

      me neither….i do know they used the a model cab on the C500 kenworths well into the late 80s

    6. poorboy126 Says:

      I had a retarded moment when I said A models were made up to 87. I was thinking of 359 Petes, my bad. I believe you guys are right about 82 or so being the last year.

    7. pete359l Says:

      A models were built till 84 but all the 84’s were glider kits (frame, cab, and sleeper only) so technically 83 was the last year for kw to build them.

    8. hanks1961kw Says:

      I figured it was something like that .Thanks for that information. Was it (a model extended hood) gliders only in 84? or was it short hood a models also.

    9. pete359l Says:

      short and long hood gliders in 84′

    10. hanks1961kw Says:

      good 2 know thanks for that insight like ur w900a vid looking forward 2 more of ur videos

    11. YB49887 Says:

      WOW a 3408 v8 nice in eurpe we have 16.4 liter v8s but this truck looks soo much better

    12. hanks1961kw Says:

      I wish i had the money to buy it This truck is for sale for $55,000. Great looking rig.

    13. thecommentking1989 Says:

      drop in an 18 speed and paint it black, i’ll take it.

    14. hanks1961kw Says:

      Well look it up on the truckpaper I think it’s still listed.

    15. KYLEMORICE Says:

      man that truck is bad ass

    16. hanks1961kw Says:

      I sure thought so too.

    17. ipdaily6 Says:

      thats a nice rig would have loved to hear it roll with the 18litre cat v8….

    18. hanks1961kw Says:

      It must sound real cool. I have a friend that owns a peterbilt 359 with a big Cat 3408 and it scares the hell out of anyone.

    19. W900exh Says:

      I own the straw yellow KW with the flatbed on it ,bought it in early 09 have since rebiult the 400 big cam with some help from pittsburgh power it now produces 700hp ,with an 18 speed and 3:70 rears ,makes for a real nice 1978 EXH A MODEL ,have some new pics if you would like

    20. otisloghauler1 Says:

      very very nice truck, thats my dream truck old school.

    21. tank3584 Says:

      nice truck BUT it’s parked in the RED zone…hahaha

    22. hanks1961kw Says:

      Yes your right hope it didn’t get a ticket.

    23. hanks1961kw Says:

      One of my favorite trucks also.

    24. OLi505OLi Says:

      i love trucks they have two beds my dad is a trucker

    25. 117161631 Says:

      i saw u lots of times… i am workin at commerce, just driving local.
      but this is a BADASSSSS TRUCK!!

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      Classic Custom Trucks – kenworth w900a extended hood classic…

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