Monster Jam custom NASCAR 09 cars

13 Monster Jam themed NASCARS. all made by me and are available in my guest garage at the cars/trucks shown are in the following order: -Avenger -Brutus -Bulldozer -Classic Grave Digger -Dragon Slayer -El Toro Loco -Maximum Destruction -Monster Mutt -Monster Mutt Dalmation -Reptoid -Snake Bite -Taz -Wrecking Crew i am currently taking requests, except for (all these are in the making) -Avenger Chrome -Avenger Orange -Captain’s Curse -Spike -War Wizard

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18 Responses to “Monster Jam custom NASCAR 09 cars”

  1. shitfot Says:

    thats some cool shit

  2. andrewefitzpatrick Says:

    love the music u picked!

  3. SpinDragun Says:

    Dethklok for life!

  4. 18carNASCAR Says:


  5. gamesfan101 Says:


  6. trainboy911 Says:

    how about a chrome grave digger

  7. SpinDragun Says:

    in the making already

  8. deora2dude Says:

    max-d looked epic

  9. Keefence Says:

    You should do Pastrana 199, Blue Thunder, Air Force Afterburner, Destroyer, Spike Unleashed(Brutus’ bro)

  10. JVC1103 Says:

    Dude nice!

  11. ralphiemayphan Says:


  12. NASCARMANIAC14 Says:

    nice cartwheels with brutus

  13. ididyourmom1001 Says:


  14. Axel7043 Says:

    I don´t like the The Song

  15. 07MearsFan07 Says:

    thats sweet!

  16. setoguchifan16 Says:

    Iron Outlaw

  17. luisj96 Says:


  18. joshbunny663 Says:


    stupid ea sport physics

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